How to Tell If She Likes You

by preciouskhyatt preciouskhyatt

Some women are easy to read and others can be difficult, especially if they know anything about men. Some women are great at the dating game, while others are just their natural selves -- an open book for anyone to read. There are a few signs that you can look for to tell if a woman likes you. But remember, no two women are the same, so the following tips may not be foolproof.

How to Tell if She Likes You

Pay attention when a woman talks to you, and notice if she touches you while she talks. Many women are touchy-feely. When they like someone, they will lightly touch him on the arm or hand while talking.

Look at her appearance closely. Is she wearing makeup every time she sees you? Does it look like she put some effort into her outfit? Most women want to look especially nice when they are going to see someone they are interested in. Some women never leave the house without makeup on and maintain a designer wardrobe, but most women wear sweats or T-shirts at least some of the time. So pay attention to her appearance. It can be a sign she likes you if she is always trying to look her best, even to go work out.

Ask yourself if she seems to find excuses to stop by your work, your locker, your favorite hangout, and so on. If the girl seems to turn up where she knows you will be, this is a sign she wants to see you and spend time with you.

Notice if the woman asks your advice on problems or wants you to come over and fix things at her house. Some women want men to come over and help them with a project. If a woman is inviting you to her house, it's a good sign that things are moving in the right direction.

Does she ask you to go places or do things with her and her friends or family? This may be her way of getting to know you in a comfortable situation, so she can put her best foot forward. What if she has two tickets to an event and asks you to go, instead of her best friend? You can almost guarantee she likes you if she is willing to share a ticket with you.

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  • A sure-fire way to find out if a woman likes you is to ask her out. But that would take all the fun out of wondering!


  • If a girl talks to you a lot, don't assume she likes you. Many women like to talk and will talk to anyone, especially a man they consider a friend. If the girl starts to talk about other guys, she probably isn't into you. But remember, as the cliche says, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
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