How to Tell If a Man Is Dating Two Women at the Same Time?

So you think you've found a great guy and are having a wonderful time dating him. Except you wonder if he's also dating another woman and having just as great a time with her. You're curious and jealous and want to simply know the answer, but you don't want to spoil things with the guy.

How To Tell If A Man is Dating Two Women at a Time

If you can handle the answer, ask him. Be prepared to hear that he is and make peace with it. Then if he's not and only dating you, you have your answer.

Use common sense if you're not going to ask outright. What makes you suspect he is dating another woman? Does he have nights where you don't see each other or talk and then you ask him what he did and he gets very vague? That would be a clear sign that he has other plans that don't include you and he doesn't want you knowing anything more about them.

Talk to his friends, but be extremely careful how you word your questions. Don't take a defensive or challenging tone, instead try, "I'm having a great time with your friend and I'm really hoping that he's treating this exclusively because I am". If they are uncomfortable and seem like they want to avoid the answer, then he probably is dating someone else.

Accept his friend's answer if they are positive. Don't grill them on how he talks about you or what he thinks of you. Keep it light. It'll get back to him and, if done properly, he'll find it charming.

Stay positive when it seems positive. Don't go looking for trouble or imagining it. If you two are having a great time together and seem to be keeping in touch and seeing each other regularly, assume the best. Then if he is seeing someone else, let her be the jealous, annoying one, not you.

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  • Do not go through his things--everyone deserves privacy
  • Don't confront other women about him--you'll look foolish, not them

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