How to Tell When a Woman Does Not Want a Man to Pursue Her

The signs of rejection are usually more subtle than obvious.The signs of rejection are usually more subtle than obvious.

A dating relationship typically involves a man pursuing a woman, the two getting aquainted, going dates and then possibly becoming a couple. However, the initial stages of pursuit are mysterious and perplexing by nature. The man wants the woman to know he is interested. However, when should a man give up? What are the signs that a woman does not want a man to pursue her? There are a few telling giveaways.

Observe her, when she is around you. A woman who is interested in you will be relaxed, giggly and talkative. A woman who is not interested, may appear stiff, quiet and distant. If she does not say much in response to your questions, she probably does not want you trying any harder to get to know her.

Notice if she is asking you questions about yourself. A woman who is interested in you will not only respond when you ask her things about herself, but will probably ask you a little bit about your life as well. Notice the way she asks you questions, as well. She may just be polite. However, if she is looking you in the eye, smiling and appearing engaged, she may be interested.

Listen for mentions of another guy. If she talks about another man, this is an obvious indicator that she is not into you. If she talks about someone she is interested in, she is trying to send you a hint. Even if she talks about another guy constantly, and does not discreetly mention having feelings for him, this is still an indication that her mind is elsewhere.

Be aware of her flirtatiousness. If she is flirting with you by touching your arm, constantly smiling or playing with her hair, she may be interested. However, if she is just generally a flirt and does this to many guys, it could be an indication that she does not want you pursuing her. If she is shy and quiet, yet gets flirtatious or blushes around you, she very likely has feelings for you.

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  • If a woman does not want you pursuing her, do not press the issue. Once you have tried getting to know her, flirting and asking questions, the only thing you can do is wait for an obvious response to your overtures.

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