Text Message Flirting Tips

Convey your feelings with a text message.Convey your feelings with a text message.

In today's society, there are dozens of outlets where teens and adults can talk and flirt, including instant messenger, chat rooms, cell phones, social networking websites and text messages. If you're hoping to flirt with a crush through text message, be sure to follow these instructive guidelines for safe and successful text messaging.

Choose a Nickname

Most people report that they enjoy being called a cute or loving nickname by their significant other, so give your crush a nickname and refer to him or her often through text messages. Make your significant other feel good by giving him or her a nickname that highlights a positive personal attribute, such as his or her intelligence, appearance or ability to excel in something. Although some nicknames are more popular, including "babe" and "cutie," more personal or unique names can also be used. Keep the nicknames clean and short to ensure a good frequency of use.

Be Suggestive

The best part of text messages is that they can be suggestive or subtle, so use this advantage when text messaging the person you like. Although it may feel awkward or uncomfortable to tell the person you like that you miss him in person, a text message can convey this loneliness easily by saying, "I wish you were here..." or "I wish you could join me tonight." Using this ability to be subtle in text messages will allure your guy and convince him that you can be seductive and mysterious. In addition, you'll be able to convey the intensity of your feelings for your crush without feeling vulnerable in public. Your crush can either ignore the text message or send back a flirting message of his own which will validate his feelings toward you.

Use Emoticons

Emoticons are popular symbols used in instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and text messages that help convey your emotions when talking with someone digitally. Popular emoticons include the smiley face, winking face, tongue-sticking-out face and the sad face, although other variations exist. When text messaging, employ these emoticons to help convey your feelings. You can also use them to imply your physical attraction. For example, if you're complimenting a guy who has just played a tough football game, you could suggest giving him a shoulder massage, and a seductive winking face may imply your willingness to help him feel better in other ways, too. Use the emotions to clue your crush in to how you really feel.

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