Texting Games for Couples

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Flirting with your significant other or spouse is a way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting no matter how long you have been together. One way to flirt is to play texting games with each other. This is ideal if you are in a place where talking with the other person is not ideal. For example, if you are traveling on a train and missing your loved one, play a texting game. You won't bother the passengers next to you and you'll pass the time until you reach your stop.

20 Questions

"20 Questions" is played while one person thinks of a person, place or thing and the other person asks 20 "yes" or "no" questions trying to figure out it out. The more questions they ask, the narrower the field of what the object might be becomes. Play this game with a romantic bent. For example, you might play 20 questions about where your next date will be or 20 questions about a surprise present you are buying him. Other ideas include a game centered around asking someone to a dance or isolating their favorite trait. Be creative and keep the 20 questions game romantic and flirty.

Truth or Dare

The classic game of "Truth or Dare" is played when one person ask another person whether they want to answer a question truthfully or take a dare. If you and your partner are in different locations this is a way to stay connected as you find out in truths about the other person. To prove someone completed a dare, take a picture of it and send it to the other person. The truth questions can also be relationship-based such as "when did you first like me?" Or "how many major relationships have you had before this one?"

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Each partner texts the other 10 to 20 romantic items that they must find a picture of and text back to the other. The one who finds the most items wins. These items can be found in practical locations, such as if you were playing at the mall, or from the comfort of your computer where you merely use pictures you find online. Ideal lists of romantic items such as roses, champagne, bubble baths or lingerie.

Would You Rather...?

"Would You Rather...?" is a game where you give your partner a choice. Usually the choice is not that desirable. But in terms of relationships, make the game romantic. For example, ask questions such as "would you rather kiss under the stars or on the beach?" "Would you rather honeymoon on a cruise to a tropical island or in Paris?" This game also allows you to find out about the likes and dislikes of the other person.

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