Things That Annoy Guys About Girls

Sometimes, guys just zone out when girls start talking shoes.Sometimes, guys just zone out when girls start talking shoes.

Of course it’s impossible to lump all girls together because they all have their own individual behavior. And not all boys are annoyed by the same things. However, boys and men sometimes generalize and come up with lists of things that annoy them about the opposite sex. If females are interested in pleasing their boyfriends, or at the very least avoid being annoying, it can be helpful to see what they might be thinking.

Show Too Much Emotion

Guys can be bewildered by the strong emotions of girls, especially when they cry and expect the male to make things right. While they might understand that females typically feel more emotion about things that boys couldn't care less about, like breaking a nail or a bad haircut, many guys admit that they really don’t know how to handle the emotional responses of their girlfriends.

He's Better than the Rest

Girls who tell a guy that he is better than the other guys they have dated are inviting trouble. At first the guy might be flattered or think that you have had exceptionally bad luck in relationships, but eventually he could begin to think that you will include him in the list of jerks. A better way to handle the situation is to say that you have never dated anyone so nice and that you are having a really good time.

Yap, Yap, Yap

Many girls love to talk things out and share all the details of their day to their girlfriends, who appreciate the information and respond in kind. But guys are usually not that talkative, and they often don’t appreciate hearing what they consider unimportant details from girls.


It’s no secret that many girls love to shop. That in itself can be annoying to some guys. But it’s when the girl insists on taking her guy along that it can really start the fireworks. Guys generally go into a store for specific items, find them, buy them and walk out. For males, adventurous is sometimes buying the same item in different colors. Girls, on the other hand, can spend a lot of time examining items in a store, leaving the guy to wait in boredom. Another area that can annoy the male is when the female tries something on and asks if it makes her look fat. The guy might feel it can lead to harrowing consequences if he gives the wrong answer.

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