Things to Ask a Girl When Dating

When starting a new relationship, communication is key. During your first rounds of dating, you will likely acquire much information about your new paramour. To ensure that the information you gather is helpful in deciding whether the union you are starting to form will be a fruitful one, ask your new partner an array of questions. By selecting and posing a plethora of queries, you can get to know your date-partner quickly and discover just how well you to fit together as a couple.

Getting to Know You

Your first goal when hitting the town with a new girl should be to get to know this potential romantic partner. During your first several dates, ask her questions specifically dedicated to this task. For example, ask her about her favorite books, movie, song or color. Also inquire about her past, encouraging her to tell you about her childhood and learning loads about her as she does.

Past Relationships

While the first question you ask your new girl shouldn't be about her exes, it is wise to explore her romantic past lest you make the same mistakes as other beaus. After becoming a bit more comfortable with your current romantic partner, start to inquire as to her previous relationships. Ask her which relationships she felt were strong, and which she felt could have been improved upon. Also inquire as to how some of her most serious relationships ended. Use the information you gather to make better decisions regarding steps you take in your relationship with her. For example, if she tells you that she broke up with her last boyfriend because he tried to rush things, take care not to repeat this mistake and become the dumpee in this relationship.

Wants and Needs

To keep your partner happy, you must learn what makes her tick. Ask her what she likes in a guy, and try to be the man she desires. Inquire as to what she enjoys doing, what types of gifts she likes to receive and how often she enjoys seeing her romantic partner. When asking these questions, keep it casual. Don't simply shoot off these questions in rapid fire fashion, as doing so will almost certainly scare her off, at least a bit.

The Future

If you want a future with the girl you are currently dating, you must discover what she wants her future to hold. Ask her if she wants kids, where she would like to live and what she hopes to accomplish in the future. Determine if her future plans align with yours. If so, you have likely found a romantic partner that fits your lifestyle and, if you can make her happy, you may have a long and productive romantic future.

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