Things to Be Aware With Online Dating

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right online may be harder than it soundsFinding Mr. or Mrs. Right online may be harder than it sounds

Over the last few years, online dating has become a popular way to meet a potential soul mate. There are dozens of websites available to help you search for that special someone, but love-seekers need to be aware of several things before jumping into the Internet dating scene. While it opens the door to people you may have never met otherwise, it may also open the door to lies and painful realizations as well.

People Lie

Many people are self-conscious about their looks, income or age. You’ll find this out soon enough in the online-dating world when you meet someone who looks completely different than the photo on her online profile. Prepare yourself for these lies by taking everything with a grain of salt. If the profile says she weights 125, it may be more like 145. This may not always be the case, but it’s better to be prepared for the lie than be shocked by it.

You Probably Lie

People are aware that they lie online, and thus, they may assume you’re also lying. Be prepared for someone you meet online to ask for multiple photos of you before you meet in person: he may want to verify that you look how you say you look. Also, be prepared to answer the same questions in person that you answered five times already online. Try to be as honest as possible and choose current photos so that no one you meet is surprised.

You're Not the Only One

When you meet someone online, he may be meeting five others at the same time. Be prepared to be strung along for awhile if you do click with someone, as there may other suitors looking at the same person’s profile. If you do have a connection, talk to the person about it so you can establish a monogamous relationship if that’s what you both want.

Online Means Low Inhibitions

Someone you meet online may seem outgoing, talkative and hilarious. However, that person may or may not be those things in person, especially at first. The online world allows for anonymity, which lets people open up and talk about things they might not normally talk about. Those same people may be reserved, shy and inhibited when you meet them in person. Give someone a few dates to dig into the real personality.

Searching for Ideals

If you don’t meet someone online right away, don’t be discouraged. Most of the time, it’s not about you but about the unrealistic ideals the other person is looking for. Most of us aren't Brad Pitt, and you should be aware that you’ll eventually find someone who realizes that Brad Pitt isn’t searching for dates online but that you are, and you’re just as good. You may also come to realize that you have also been searching for an ideal mate who doesn’t exist. Be aware that you need to think realistically, and that a brilliant, funny, personable, fabulously wealthy underwear model may be hard to find.

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