Things a Boyfriend Should Know About His Girlfriend

Certain questions can help the boyfriend further his relationship.Certain questions can help the boyfriend further his relationship.

In new relationships, both people may feel anxiety about asking their partner the right questions. A boyfriend in particular may not understand what he needs to know about his girlfriend. Some topics of discussion seem taboo but are vital to the progress and future success of the relationship. A boyfriend can be proactive in the relationship by addressing his girlfriend’s needs and concerns.

Parents Expectations

The parents' expectations often have significant implications in budding relationships. Some families expect the boy to meet the family first prior to any serious relationship. Certain parents also may not approve of sexual relationships, staying over at the boyfriend’s house or the boyfriend’s friends. The boyfriend should take the initiative in talking with his girlfriend about her parents; this lets him know what to expect and also implies his interest in meeting his girlfriend’s parents.


When a man knows his girlfriend's hobbies, he can help her in important ways. Not only can he inspire her to keep up her hobby, but he can join her in it. He can also get her gifts related to her hobby. On days when she's not feeling as good, he can surprise her with a new tool or product she's had her eye on.

Past Relationships

An important step to becoming serious is being open about past relationships. This should include some details of past partners and breakups. Particularly unsavory breakups should be included with caution; the discussion should stress the reasons why she broke the relationship and how the present relationship differs from that. Having this knowledge instills confidence in a couple and represents a willingness to move on from previous relationships.

Religious/Political Preference

Religious and political preferences may be a couple’s first significant discussion. These are controversial areas where different people can have completely contrasting beliefs. The boyfriend should initiate a discussion on these topics with an open mind; this includes listening to a girlfriend’s opinions and beliefs and accepting her logic. Additionally, religious preferences may have implications for a serious relationship or a future marriage. These discussions must be held relatively early on in the relationship to avoid complications down the line.

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