Things a Man Does When He Is in Love With a Woman

A man proves his love with actions over the course of an entire relationshipA man proves his love with actions over the course of an entire relationship

The idea of what love is varies, and consequently many people mistake infatuation for love. Infatuation, however, lasts only briefly, while true love continues to mature for years and decades. When infatuation wears off, a man who thought he was in love loses his feelings for his partner and neglects her. But there are certain things a man who truly loves a woman does throughout the course of an entire relationship or marriage.

He Calls Her First

Instead of texting, a man in love calls his partner first.

A man in love nixes cliché dating guidelines such as waiting three days to call. If he is truly in love she is the last thing on his mind when he goes to sleep and the first thing on his mind when he wakes up. Instead of sending her a text, he calls her. In an age of texting, calling a woman speaks volumes, and calling her first ranks highest on the decibel scale.

He Listens to Her

A man in love listens to what his partner has to say.

We hear it all the time in television, film and literature – “men are terrible listeners” this, and “men are ego-maniacs” that. While this may be true in some ways, a man in love genuinely cares what his partner has to say. She may talk about the most boring topic men could imagine, but a man in love hangs on to every word. A man paying attention to what his partner is getting off her chest, rather than what is on her chest, is a sure sign of a his interest and growth in love.

He Gives Her Presents on Regular Days

Every day has the potential to be Valentine's Day.

To a man in love, every day is a special day with his partner. As such, he often surprises his partner with tokens of his affection. This has nothing to do with the financial well-being of the man, as the gifts can be simple tokens of love such as a card, flowers, something handmade or a night out. The man giving a woman a “just because” gift proves he cares about her happiness even when the calendar doesn’t demand he do so.

He Wants to Meet Her Parents

Meeting her parents shows his willingness to commit.

You’d either have to be crazy or crazy in love to want to meet a girl’s parents; ask Greg Focker. Hopefully the former is not the case when he suggests meeting your parents. Meeting a woman’s parents is a step many men are unwillingly to take because it represents going beyond the realm of casual dating popular in today’s society. Having an interest in meeting her parents reveals his willingness to commit to a future beyond the bed.

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