Things That Attract Women to Men

Learn what she likes so you can highlight your best traits.Learn what she likes so you can highlight your best traits.

The dynamic between men and women is often a mystery. Determining who makes the first move, who asks for the phone number and who says they like who is a constant battle. However, there are some things that ring true, the attraction between men and women can be a fiery explosion of delight. To learn what attracts women to you, understand what tops the charts for their interests.

The Crush

Give great eye contact.

Women want to feel as if they are young school girls who are gazing dreamily into the eyes of their crush when they are with you. Women are learning more and more that they must ditch the long list that makes up Mr. Right and get to the core of what they really feel they are attracted to. Eyes that seem to lead directly to your soul are important. As is a smile that has arms of its own and wraps itself around a woman’s heart. To perfect both of these features, practice giving direct eye contact when you speak; when you smile, think about exactly what it is that makes you happy when you're with her. This kind of raw communication is authentic, and it works.

The Aromatherapist

Go easy on the cologne.

Nice smelling cologne ignites the olfactory senses and make women beam from head to toe. Choose your cologne wisely and ask a few female friends which one they like best. You'll know when you've hit the bulls eye when you get comments from strangers while you're out and about. The trick to smelling really good is to not overdo it. Splash on a little cologne in four favorite spots on your body and leave it alone.

Mr. Personality

Be natural.

Set aside your killer smile, if your wit or charm is natural, an amazing personality draw women right in. Chicks dig magnetic personalities. The guy who can keep up a good conversation, even if it’s really not much about anything, and the guy who can make her laugh without really trying, that’s the kind of guy who is attractive. Being you and being confident is key. The woman who appreciates you for you will enjoy getting to know more about you and what makes you happy.

The Aggressor

Tell her what you like.

An attractive quality is a guy a women doesn't have to chase, especially if she really likes him. Often, guys put on a macho act and seem as if they are disinterested. This is confusing and frustrating to women, so a guy who express his interest with panache is attractive. If you see something you like, go after it. Women appreciate a man who comes on with enough strength that he can confidently look her in the eye and tell her that she’s beautiful, smart and sexy. A shy, timid man seems too easy to take advantage of and can easily get lost in the shuffle of who to choose.

The Busy Bee

Have a life plan.

Women are drawn to men who have their act together. Even if you’re not Donald Trump famous, having a mission and purpose in life is a great start to getting a second glance. You should always be working on something so you sound like your life has purpose. If you’re meeting a woman and have nothing to say about yourself, you’re likely to get blown off pretty quickly. Men with passion and fire for something they believe in are seen as strong, smart and sexy. All of these characteristics attract women easily.

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