Things to Say to Make a Girl Feel Special

Make her feel like she's beautiful.Make her feel like she's beautiful.

One of the most important elements in a relationship is showing that you care. It’s important to compliment the woman in your life and make sure that she feels special and appreciated. There are a few things you can say every day to ensure her confidence and self-esteem, which may help to strengthen your relationship.

"You Look Beautiful"

Telling a woman she looks beautiful is one of the most significant gestures you can make. You should extend this compliment when she's dressed up and ready to go out, of course, but if you say it when she's having an off-day or just lounging around the house, you may win extra points. Make her feel like she's beautiful on the inside and out, regardless of what she is wearing. Don't overplay the card by telling her every hour of the day, but even reminding her once a day can have brighten her spirits. You want to encourage your partner and let her know you only have eyes for her.

Compliment Her Style

Complimenting a woman's style can go a long way, considering the pressures women face to be fashionable. Every so often, ask her, "Is that a new shirt?" or "Is that a new dress?" Even if you've seen it once or twice before, you should be able to sneak by with this compliment. Tell her, in a sincere manner, that it looks marvelous on her. Another safe bet is to compliment her hair. A simple "Did you do something different to it?" will be appreciated if it's followed up with an honest, uplifting opinion. "It looks great" or "Wow, you should really wear it like that more often" are polite ways to comment on her style. Every woman deserves to feel confident in her appearance.

Show Her Appreciation

The most significant way to make a woman feel special is by telling her at least once a day that you love her. Being reminded of this keeps your relationship healthy and strong. If you aren't at that point in your relationship yet, letting her know that you care can have just as big of an effect. Tell her how much you appreciate her calling you or sending you emails while you're at work. Thank her for the little things she does every day. Everybody likes to be appreciated once and a while, even if it's for the small things they do.

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