Things to Say to Win a Girl Back

Getting a girl back reuquires confidence and patience.Getting a girl back reuquires confidence and patience.

Ending a relationship can result from years of unhappiness or a single mistake. If the relationship has a history of arguments or unfaithfulness, it may be best to find someone else. But if it was ended on a whim during an argument, there are ways to get the girl back. However, it is critical that you say and do the right thing at the appropriate moment to reunite the relationship.

Give Her Space

When a relationship is ended, tempers are high and people tend to use emotion rather than rationality. Attempting to explain to your ex that breaking up is a mistake would be futile. Give her space to cool down and rethink what had occurred. She will likely replay the event many times in her head and analyze every angle. In the meantime, try to forget your ex. Go out with friends and indulge in your hobbies. You need space as well to consider whether or not you actually want to get back together. Calling or texting immediately after a breakup will only make you appear desperate and insecure, and will diminish your chances of getting her back.

Get Out There

After you have had some time to cool down, get out there and go on a few dates. Visit bars and clubs to flirt with other girls. This will get your mind away from any negative emotions and restore your self-confidence. In addition, your ex is likely to hear word of this from mutual friends and develop a feeling of jealousy. Realizing that she may actually lose you may be the spark to rebuild the lines of communication with you. However, avoid doing this immediately after a breakup as she may view this as a sign that you did not value your relationship with her.

Show Genuine Interest

When you begin speaking with your ex, appear genuinely interested in her and your relationship. Be honest with your feelings and discuss anything that caused the split. You do not want there to be any lingering doubts or feelings of anger when you get back together. Refrain from reuniting the relationship to simply keep her from dating other guys. Both of you must be fully committed to working through your problems and compromising with one another. If either of you is unwilling to change or admit fault, the same arguments will likely resurface repeatedly in the future.

Be Yourself

Do not pretend to be different to get a girl back. Either she will see right through you or you will have the same issues in the future. Reconciliation requires a desire to compromise and understand the partner's grievances. Simply pretending to be another person will only delay future fights. If she does not want to get back together after you admitted your faults and agreed to compromise with her, reconsider whether you two should be in a relationship. Many couples reunite simply because it feels comfortable. Analyze whether your personalities complement one another before you get back together.

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