Tips to Find a Boyfriend

Finding a boyfriend means always having a hand to hold.Finding a boyfriend means always having a hand to hold.

Looking for a boyfriend sometimes feels like a full-time job. From meeting guys, to casually dating, to finally upgrading your relationship status to "couple," it takes time and energy to seal the deal. Knowing what attracts men can make it easier, but you also have to be looking in the right places. With a little prep work and research, finding a boyfriend can be easier than you think.

Preparing Yourself

Before you can find a boyfriend, you need to be ready to have a boyfriend. This starts with making yourself lovable. If your self-esteem could use some work, take time each day to note the things you do like about yourself. Once you love yourself, finding someone else to love you is that much easier.

Looking The Part

Looking ready for a boyfriend is not just about your appearance. While it's important to dress attractively (though not necessarily seductively- approachability is key) even more important is your body language and confidence. Share what you like about yourself and what you enjoy doing- your passions and your hobbies- with the men you meet. You'll attract like-minded guys in no time.

Where to Look

It's difficult to find a boyfriend if you stick to your existing circles. Expand your activities- take up a new hobby or join a volunteer organization. Do what you love, but do it socially. If you're athletic, try a new gym, and figure out which hours have the most men there. A bookworm? Attend readings at a local bookstore. If your favorite hobby is exploring new wines, hit a wine tasting. The men you run into while doing what you love make the best boyfriend material.

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