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Dating is a complicated game.Dating is a complicated game.

The dating game can be a trying experience for even the wisest of romance veterans as there are countless unofficial rules to observe if you'd like to achieve success in new relationships. Though it's sometimes difficult to make sense of what works and what doesn't in dating encounters, trial and error helps determine what delivers the best results. Some helpful tips can guide you through the initial uncertainty of dating a new person.

Try Honesty

This may seem like a no-brainer, but committing yourself to honesty from the beginning of a new relationship makes a world of difference. On your first few dates with a new person, don't attempt to create a false identity because it is hard to maintain and isn't fair to yourself or your date. Present your true self, stopping short of revealing unnecessary secrets or unsavory flaws. When you pretend to be someone you are not, your date develops feelings for the idealized person you invent, not the real you.

Set Boundaries

It's especially important to remember your own values and limitations from the beginning of a new dating adventure to avoid becoming hopelessly wrapped up in the agenda of your new partner. Make your physical and emotional boundaries clear to your date to reduce the likelihood of being maltreated or disrespected. Problems arise when individuals take liberties with their partners without a true regard for their wants and needs. Make yours clear to eliminate confusion and abuse.

Be Secure

Everyone has their own struggles and insecurities to contend with, but you shouldn't take out your fear and uncertainty about your own appeal on your new dating partner. This can create a shaky environment of mistrust and immature, fruitless communication. Be confident in yourself and what you have to offer before considering the prospect of sharing your life with someone new. This ensures mature dealings with one another. If you aren't keenly aware of your own worth, you can't expect to deal effectively with another human being on an intimate level.

Spot Red Flags

You can identify warning signs of an undesirable partner if you pay close attention to his words and actions. Flirting with other women, forgetting vital facts about you, ignoring your boundaries, flippant dishonesty and immediate demands for loyalty and intimacy are but a few glaring signs of danger ahead. Make sure you stay in communication with good friends and other support systems so that your perspective isn't skewed by a potential love interest intent on confusing and controlling you.

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