Tips on Dating Christian Men

Christian men seem to be kind, respectful and compassionate, all values that women appreciate. Women, even those who are not Christians, often want to date a Christian man because they admire his character and values. In order to attract a Christian man, women should work on themselves first---personally, emotionally and spiritually. Here are several tips to help them do just that.


While this should be obvious, Christian men initially respond to a woman's appearance. A Christian man does not always want to date a woman who looks like a model; he does want to date someone who is attractive and who cares for her appearance. The woman should pay attention to personal hygiene matters. If she wears makeup, she should put it on tastefully. She should wear clothes that flatter her figure without exposing herself excessively. She should not be afraid to show her feminine side.


The Christian woman should let her personality shine. A good sense of humor will go a long way toward attracting a man. He knows that you will be able to look at the bright side of life, no matter what comes your way. She should share with him candidly about her goals and dreams for the future, apart from a long-term relationship and marriage. No man wants to feel that he must meet all those needs in a woman's life. If she is making plans for school, a career or even Christian ministry work of some type, he will see that she is at peace with herself and her singleness.


The saying goes, "If you want to marry a king, you must become a queen." This is true in the physical and social areas, but most of all, in the spiritual arena. Dating a Christian man requires the woman to pay close attention to her spiritual life. She needs to especially work on the fruit of the Spirit, which speak to her character and integrity. These include peace, joy, love, patience, goodness, kindness and self-control. She should be content in who she is as a person, but working on becoming better, especially in her Christian life. She should be not only attending church but also involved and actively serving others. Praying with Christian men she is dating will give her a better perspective on what spiritual values he holds.

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