Tips on How to Deal With a Breakup

Breakups are hard for everyone.Breakups are hard for everyone.

When you begin a relationship with someone new, you are often overcome with positive feelings about it. Despite what these initial feelings lead you to believe, all relationships develop problems over time. Sometimes the problems are minimal and don't mean anything but the occasional harmless argument, but other times they bring out irreconcilable differences, ultimately ending in a breakup. This is a heartbreaking experience for everyone, but there are ways to make the healing process easier.

Know It's Over

The time right after a breakup is especially painful, but it's critical to face the facts instead of holding on to false hope. You may save yourself some small amount of grief initially if you convince yourself the relationship isn't necessarily over for good, but in the long run you are only hurting yourself more. It may hurt worse at first, but ultimately you will speed up your emotional recovery significantly if you take a realistic viewpoint on the breakup from the beginning.

Get Support

The end of a relationship does not mean the end of living, and everyone in your life will gladly remind you of that fact if you are willing to turn to them in your time of need. You may feel the need to spend time alone after a hard breakup, isolating yourself from others and grieving alone. While some time to yourself may benefit you, don't forget that you have people in your life, like your friends and family, who are more than happy to help you get through the tough time.

Develop New Interests

Don't see a breakup exclusively as an end; it's also a chance to start anew. Chances are you have extra time for yourself after the end of a relationship, so spend it productively instead of mourning over your loss. Start exercising regularly, read books about a subject that you have always wanted to know more about, or pick up a challenging new, mentally stimulating hobby. Viewing the breakup as a fresh start in life helps to keep your mind focused on the positives of the future rather than the negatives of the past.

Say Goodbye

When a loving relationships comes to an abrupt end, often there is not a chance to end it with a sense of closure. Part of your emotional pain may come from how the relationship ended rather than the simple fact that it ended. Perform a farewell ritual on your own that gives you an opportunity to make peace with the breakup, even if it's something as simple as lighting a candle and wishing your former significant other the best or throwing out old keepsakes from your relationship.

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