Tips on How to Flirt With a Guy

Making yourself constantly available can make the guy lose interest in you.Making yourself constantly available can make the guy lose interest in you.

Flirting can be broadly classified into two types: intentional flirting and flirting for fun. Flirting for fun is a lighthearted kind of flirtation, a harmless and enjoyable way of making new friends. Flirting with intent is a more serious kind of flirtation, done with the aim of conveying interest to the guy. When a guy realizes that a girl is interested in him, he is more likely to reciprocate the feeling. A girl will use verbal and non-verbal signals to gauge the guy's level of interest from the use of words and body language.

Eye Contact

Eyes are a powerful tool used to convey a range of emotions. Make eye contact with the guy and hold his gaze for just a bit longer than normal, but don't stare. If the guy responds to the gaze positively, it is possible the interest felt is being returned. Eye contact will often trigger a smile that allows the girl to proceed with confidence. A guy who avoids eye contact or looks for just a second or two before averting his gaze could be read as not interested or very shy. If there is a chance to strike up a conversation with the guy, observe how often he glances your way. Frequent glances that last five seconds or more are a sign of definite interest.


Touch is a powerful tool of communication used in flirting with intent. Proceed cautiously with touching because it can be misinterpreted and ruin chances of any real romance. Making use of touch to flirt should be done in universally acceptable areas. For example, a brief touch on the guy's arm draws attention to the girl in a casual way. If the guy is interested, he will reciprocate the interest shown by increasing the frequency of his glances, increased eye contact, and smiling. When the interest is returned, the touch can move to the hand and linger for a few seconds. Look for positive body language to show a return of interest from the guy's side

Ego Boosting

Showing the guy there is a genuine interest in what he is saying makes a positive impact. If an opportunity to talk presents itself, listen carefully and intently to what is being said. Reciprocate in the same manner. For example, if the guy shares a piece of personal information, reciprocate with a personal experience of your own. Men like having their ego boosted; if the guy tells a joke, respond by telling him how funny he is. Be careful not to go overboard or it will come across as false.

Be Happy and Laugh

Being happy, and showing it, is a good way to flirt with a guy for fun or intent. People are naturally attracted to other people who have a happy demeanor. A genuine smile has a charm of its own and is hard to resist. Laughter is often contagious and a good way to flirt with someone. It helps to relax the atmosphere and the person. Laughing often and out loud guarantees everyone a good time; just make sure the jokes are not catty or cruel.

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