Tips for Flirting in a Club

Flirt by asking someone to dance with youFlirt by asking someone to dance with you

Internet chat rooms, dating clubs and professional matchmakers have eliminated the need for some of the personal touches once used when pursuing the attentions of a romantic interest. According to Vogue Magazine author John Heilpern, American males no longer value ambiguity, mystery, charm and manners when attempting to get to know someone better. Because of society's changing priorities and its reliance on instant gratification, flirting may soon become a lost art; even so, knowing a few flirtatious techniques to try on someone you find attractive may come in handy, particularly at a club, party or other occasion.

Non-Verbal Flirting

Flirting starts with eye contact

Flirting occurs when a person demonstrates attraction for another; however, you must learn the basics of flirting before you approach that person across the room. Once you catch his eye, smile to convey interest, friendliness and warmth. Sip your drink and let your tongue linger on the straw for a second before winking or giving a little wave to your person of interest. Smile engagingly while quickly looking the person up and down, showing approval. Interestingly, the non-verbal aspect of flirting expressed through body language, voice tone and facial expression carries more significance than the spoken word during the initial phase of flirtation.

Using Words to Flirt

Small talk and flirting go together

After making eye contact and smiling, take your flirting to the next level by forging a connection with more than the eyes. Appear confident as you approach the person, smile warmly and say, "Hi." If she responds in like manner, relax and break the ice; you might ask, "Do you know the name of this song?" or "How do you like this D.J.?" If she mirrors your interest, ask her name. Engage in light conversation, and touch her arm in response to something she says. Laugh and show your sense of humor. Listen attentively as she speaks, asking a few unobtrusive questions to let her know you find her intriguing. Notice her appearance, but avoid commenting on her physical features. Instead, offer sincere compliments such as, "Nice shirt," or "That cologne smells great."


Hands-on contact sends a strong, flirtatious message

Ask the person to dance. You might ask her to sing Karaoke with you, or you might challenge him in a game of air hockey. Offer to buy the person a drink or, better yet, don't ask; buy the drink and send it over to her. If you are flirting with a woman, you can convey a protective image by walking slightly behind her and keeping your hand on her back or around her shoulders as you guide her through the club. If you feel sassy, you might take the direct approach. After some warm-up flirting, walk up to your target and say, "So when are you going to ask me out?" or "When are you going to let me take you out?" If the hands-on approach appeals to you, you might try squeezing past him while you move through the crowd, brushing your body against him as you pass. If you prefer a bolder approach, pretend to trip as you pass him, and then fall into his lap. Surely one of these flirting methods will successfully attract the attention of the person you fancy.

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