Tips & Hints to Attract More Girls

Appear confident and dress the part when talking girls.Appear confident and dress the part when talking girls.

If you want to make yourself more attractive to girls, know the characteristics in men that girls are naturally drawn to. Showing off these qualities will allow you to meet girls without too much effort. The girls will be more receptive to meeting you and beginning a conversation, making them less intimidating and easier to ask out on a date.

Dress the Part

Girls like men who take pride in their appearance. You don’t have to be conceited or follow the most fashionable trends. However, you should shower, make yourself smell good, and look relatively hip. Girls like men who can take care of themselves and dress themselves. Dressing well implies that you’re independent, and won’t be a cheapskate or a slob when it comes to dates.

Eye Contact

Good eye contact is one of the best ways to attract girls to you. It is also an important technique for gauging whether a girl is interested in you or not. Try to make immediate eye contact with a girl that you’re physically attracted to. Eye contact with a girl tells her that you’re interested in getting to know her, and not just ogling her for her physical attributes. It can also say that you’re willing to become emotionally connected with a person. The eye contact should be friendly, not lecherous. A girl who is interested in you will often return your eye contact, and then glance away with a smile before meeting your gaze again.


Confidence is key in attracting girls. Girls may want a down-to-earth, approachable guy, but they also want someone who is assertive and willing to take healthy risks (like asking a girl out). While you’re talking to a girl, try to act confident in your mannerisms and speech. Even if girls are attracted to you, they will probably not approach you themselves, so it will still be up to you to make the first move most of the time. Confident body language will also show her that you’re engaged in the conversation, and interested in what she’s saying. Make sure that your self-assurance doesn’t come across as arrogant or aggressive. As your confidence talking to girls grows, so will your ability to attract more girls to you.

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