Tips on Interracial Dating

Interracial dating is becoming more and more common as the various cultures and races in America become integrated. Though many of the problems and issues related to interracial dating have subsided, it can still be difficult to be in an interracial relationship. There are things you can do to help strengthen your interracial relationship.

Understand Your Partner's Culture

People in an interracial relationship are not only different racially, but they may be different socially. They may have grown up in vastly different cultures and societies, even living in the same state. You should understand your partner’s culture well before getting too serious in an interracial relationship. Ask her questions about her customs and beliefs. They may be vastly different from yours. Discuss any potential problems you may have with these differences. By communicating your differences and working through them, you can focus on strengthening your similarities and your relationship in general.

Dealing with Unsympathetic Family and Friends

A common problem in interracial dating is dealing with friends and family who do not approve. There are many reasons people don’t approve of interracial dating. Sometimes people are racist; sometimes they think that it would be hard for the potential future children of a couple to grow up in a mixed-race household. The best way to deal with unsympathetic family and friends is to remain calm, and to try to integrate your partner into their social lives. Try to find similar points of interests such as religion or hobbies. Bring him along for social events. Though things may be uncomfortable at first, integrating your partner into your family and friends' social lives will help them understand that there is little to no difference between you and your partner.

Have a Support Group

If you are having problems understanding your partner, or if your family and friends are resisting your partner, you would be well served by having a support group. A support group could be friends, family or even other interracial couples who understand you and your decisions. These are people who you can turn to when things get rough. They will help you with suggestions, advice or by simply listening to what you have to say. Having a support group can strengthen and deepen your relationship as they will see things about you and your partner that you both can’t see.

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