Tips to Get a Man to Ask You to Marry Him

You're in love and want to get married to the man of your dreams. There's only one small problem. He hasn't proposed yet. If you want your boyfriend to ask you to marry him, you have to make sure that he's ready, that your expectations aren't too high and that you've discussed major topics such as children and your career futures. Many women drop hints to their boyfriends to get them to pop the question and some hints can definitely get his wheels turning.

Discuss Marriage

If you want to get married to this man, you need to bring up the topic. Talk about your parents' marriage and his parents' marriage. Some men who come from divorced parents are uneasy about the commitment of marriage, so discussing this can ease his concerns. Discuss major topics that every couple talks about before marriage. For example, ask him how many kids he wants to have, what his career goals are and where he sees himself in ten years. Make sure that your goals align. If he knows that you want five children and he doesn't want any, he's probably not thinking marriage. Don't lie about your goals and wants such as how many children you want, because you could end up in a very unhappy marriage.

Have Fun Together

Remind him of why you're together. Many couples get into dating ruts and need to shake things up. Cook him a romantic dinner and light some candles; do things that you did together when you first started dating and have fun together. Do things that he likes to do with him. If he spends his Saturday afternoons watching college football, watch it with him one Saturday. You might actually like it and you'll show him that you're interested in things that he likes.


Get one your friends to drop a hint to him. For example, have her say something like, "You guys are so great together. You should probably just get married already, don't you think?" See what his response is. Hopefully, he won't choke on his beer. If you've been together for a while, his friends are probably also asking about marriage. Listen out for what he says.

Engagement Rings

If you've talked about marriage, show him engagement rings that you like and let him know your ring size. He can't buy you a ring if he doesn't have the basic information. If your man works a minimum wage job and has no savings, don't show him outrageously priced engagement rings. He'll probably be too discouraged to even think about proposing. Show him rings in his price range.

Don't pick little fights, especially around getting engaged. You don't want to nag him too much or fight with him about getting engaged, because you'll push him away. Choose your battles.

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