Tips on How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

It is possible to escape from the friend zone and start a relationship.It is possible to escape from the friend zone and start a relationship.

The friend zone can be an awful place to find yourself in when you want to pursue a relationship with your friend. Perhaps the girl you're interested in has just exited a bad relationship, or she simply doesn't have time for a relationship. Whatever the reason, you're stuck being just her friend although you have strong feelings that are getting harder to hide. There are techniques, however, that you can use to exit the friend zone and enter a committed relationship.

Accept Your Friend Status

Accept your status as a friend. Even though you want to be more than friends, look at already being in her life as a plus. If she invites you to join her in her activities or wants to vent about a fight with her mother, be there for her. A strong friendship is the best base for a relationship. Additionally, the more that you are around her, the more she will be able to see your great attributes and begin to look at you as more than a friend

Don't Pressure Her

Avoid pressuring her into being more than a friend. Although it might seem like a good idea to constantly gush about what a good couple you two would make, if she isn't ready for a relationship, she's going to feel pressured and pestered. You want her to come to the realization that you'd make an awesome boyfriend, but she needs to come to that realization on her own.

Date Other People to Help Escape the Friend Zone

Date other people. It might seem like you're playing a game if you date other people, but this can benefit you. Your friend will realize that other people see the great boyfriend qualities that you possess, and she may begin to look at you in a different light. In the worst-case scenario, you still might be in the friend zone, but you'll have fun going out with other people in the meantime.

Stop Being Scared

Ask her on a date. A common reason men are stuck in the friend zone is because the girl has no idea that her friend is romantically interested in her. You'll want to do something casual like dinner and movies. To show that this is a date and not a friendly outing, insist on paying for the entire date. If you really want to woo her, bring some flowers and treat her like a lady. If you receive positive feedback throughout the date, when you're saying goodbye to her, seal it with a kiss.

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