Tips on Writing a Personal Ad to Attract Men

Writing a good personal ad can be fun and easy.Writing a good personal ad can be fun and easy.

Although the idea of marketing yourself in a personal ad might seem daunting to some, it can be done with a little bit of creativity and focusing. In this busy world, it can be so difficult for women to find Mr. Right. One way is to expand your dating options by penning an attractive personal ad.


The title of your ad provides the first impression to any prospective suitors. After all, the title can help ]determine whether a man will even bother reading the rest of what you have to say. Draw men in with a snappy, catchy and intriguing title. Avoid mundane titles, such as "White forty-something female looking for love." Instead, think outside the box. Consider something along the lines of "Spritely redhead seeks a dashing daredevil." Use language that is vibrant and paints a picture of who you are and what you want out of someone else.

Interests and Hobbies

With any personal ad, it is generally expected that you are going to have to describe yourself, both physically and interests-wise. When it comes to interests and hobbies, avoid rattling off a cumbersome list of activities, such as "reading, skiing and watching movies." Instead think about saying something along the lines of "I have seen 'When Harry Met Sally' 50 times and my favorite thing to do is hit the slopes on weekends."

Physical Description

When it comes to describing yourself physically, keep it short and sweet. Make sure to not lie about your appearance to attract a man. The notion is silly because once he meets you, he will know the truth. Keep the focus to aspects of your appearance that you consider to be your best, whether it's your sandy blonde hair or sparkling green eyes. Also, try not to get too descriptive regarding what you want out of a man, as it could be very limiting. If you write something like "seeks tall, dark-haired and muscular man," you are severely narrowing your options. Try not to make your entire personal ad about physical appearances; keep it moderate.


To attract a quality man through a personal ad, it can be a good idea to keep the focus away from materialistic and monetary matters. For example, a line that should be avoided can go something like "Spoiled Upper East Side girl seeks fun-loving millionaire to enjoy worldly adventures with." Try to keep the focus of the ad on who you are, rather than scaring men off with what could come across like a "diva demand."

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