Tips for Romantic Honeymoons

Make your honeymoon a private, romantic retreat.Make your honeymoon a private, romantic retreat.

Honeymoons can offer a welcome respite after the crazy, sometimes stressful days of planning a wedding. Plan ahead and splurge on lingerie, create a homemade CD with your song on it and bring along candles to set the mood in your hotel room. Whether you choose a tropical retreat, a foreign adventure or domestic escape, taking a few extra steps can boost the romance factor during your first days of married life.

Limit Electronics

Many people constantly keep their cellphones and other electronic devices turned on and close enough so they don't miss a call. Turning off your cellphones and leaving all other electronic toys, such as laptops and personal reading devices, at home can make your honeymoon more romantic. It decreases the number of distractions so that newlyweds can focus where you should --- on each other. Also consider enacting a no-television policy for the duration of your honeymoon. Fill the time by talking or playing board games.

Romance Package

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so splurge and book the romance package at your hotel, if it offers one. Romance packages can include a bouquet of roses, bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries placed in the room before your arrival. Packages can also include late checkout, which allows you to leisurely enjoy your first few mornings of wedding bliss without rushing to pack your bags and check out of the hotel on time.


Buy a massage technique book, along with special oils or lotions, and work your magic on your partner. Oils and lotions come in both nonscented and scented formulas. Buy scented oils with your partner's preferences in mind. If your bride loves the smell of lavender, buy lavender oil. If she has sensitive skin, purchase unscented formulas. Massages can offer couples a romantic way to bond and enhance their connection. Beyond feeling good, massages promote relaxation.

Wake Early

The morning after your wedding, wake up early to watch the sunrise. Then, order room service for breakfast and enjoy the morning in your pajamas, feeding each other pancakes, reading the newspaper and sipping coffee or tea. If your hotel room has a patio or balcony, sit outside for fresh air and enjoy the first few moments of your days together as a married couple. Take this time to plan the rest of your day, whether you want to relax or have an adventure.

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