Tips on a Romantic Night in the Bath

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Couples are continually dreaming up inventive ways to kick up the intimacy level in their relationships, but sometimes good old-fashioned romance is all you need. A romantic bath experience is a tested way to surprise your loved one and keep the fire in your relationship strong. To create the ultimate romantic bath experience, the key is to incorporate all five senses.


Floating rose petals

The first impression your loved one will have is the visual, so you want to be sure it has that immediate wow factor. Ttransform your ordinary bathroom into a fantasy setting. Try dimming the lights and using candles of varying sizes on the countertops or even on stands to set the scene. Fill the tub with bubbles and top it all off by sprinkling rose pedals over the floor and countertops, and even spread them in the bath itself.


Scented candles

Fill the bathroom with your loved one's favorite aroma. Whether by using incense, scented candles, scented oils or even a delicate household scent, including a luscious aroma will escalate the romantic experience. According to Melissa Davlin of Chicago's WGN network, floral scents such as lavender or jasmine are common romantic scents used to relax and calm, or you can use other irresistible romantic scents such as vanilla, oranges or even cinnamon.


Chocolate in a martini glass

Once you are in the tub under mounds of bubbles and rose petals, offer your lover a taste of romance with sensual foods. Chocolate is something easy that you can pick up and that can be displayed in the bathroom with no trouble. It can also be fun to feed to each other chocolate. Pair chocolate-covered strawbetties with a bottle of champagne, and your romantic taste buds will be more than satisfied. Make sure to pay attention to the details and drop a few raspberries in the champagne glasses for that added touch. If you want to be a little offbeat in your food selection, expert Ted Allen of Food Detectives says that oysters, avocado or even chilli peppers can act as an aphrodisiac and are sure to spice up your romantic evening. If you are looking for a more decadent romantic drink than champagne, you can try any cocktail with a chocolate liqueur base.


An easy way to gain that romantic edge is with music. You can select music that is inherently romantic or play songs that you and your loved one have shared throughout your time together. suggests classics such as Etta James and Elvis Presley, while some more contemporary artists such as Nora Jones and Coldplay can also do the trick.


Fresh towels

Of course one sense that you don't want to forget while planning your romantic night in the bathtub is touch. Have scented oils handy in case you want to offer your partner a massage. When you are ready to exit the tub, make sure you have freshly washed bath towels or bathrobes to cozy up with afterwards.

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