Tips on Texting and Dating

Texting using proper English requires a bit more patience.Texting using proper English requires a bit more patience.

Texting suddenly has evolved into its own communications art form, serving as a tool for quick messages while creating its own set of challenges and etiquette questions. Dating has always presented its own set of dilemmas for both men and women. Adding the element of text messaging to an already complicated subject further muddies the waters. Texting can enhance the dating experience, but taken too far it can ruin an otherwise good date.

Men Should Send Bold and Flirty Messages

In Marie Claire magazine, author Abraham Lloyd points out the challenges posed by texting while dating. He advises men to send flirty messages. When Lloyd meets a woman and gets her phone number, he immediately texts her with something like, ""Who is that amazing guy you are talking to?"

Men Should Not Use Texts to Ask for Dates

Koryn Kennedy echoes some of Lloyd's points in Marie Claire while focusing more on the intimacy of communication. She writes that asking women out using texts is likely to fail. She finds it easy to decline a text like "u want 2 go out 2nite?" but finds it harder to resist a "deep, human voice" on the telephone. When a date is set, texts are useful tools for logistical issues, like time and location.

Pre-Date Texting

Communications giant AT&T conducted a 2009 survey about dating and texting. Thirty-four percent of respondents said they would feel more at ease if they texted their date before meeting.

A man could text his date with "I have changed my outfit three times!" as a cute and funny way to show he is nervous. Even uncomfortable situations can be turned into funny moments using texts. Someone running late for a date could send a text like, "saving children from burning building, running a few minutes late!"

Sending Texts with Pictures

Text messages do not have to be limited to words. To show a woman that he is thinking of her, Lloyd will text her a photo of high heels and write "You would look great in these." A woman buying her date tickets to a sporting event could send a digital photo of the tickets in her hand with a text like "The things I do for you!"

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