Tips on Ways to Flirt

Flirting is a part of many relationships.Flirting is a part of many relationships.

Flirting includes various methods people use to attract another person's attention. Subtle ways of flirting are considered better, compared with garish methods that can scare away potential partners. Flirting can take place when you are greeting a person or during a conversation and is enhanced by how you dress and how you present yourself. It usually includes body language, as well.


A flirtatious greeting needs to convey your inner feelings without extending yourself too much. Eye contact is important and can easily convey your interest in the other person. Always smile when you greet someone, looking the person in the eye so your feelings are apparent. Bumping into someone unexpectedly gives you the opportunity to flirt, as you enthusiastically show how pleased you are to see him. It makes people feel special when you genuinely greet them and show interest.


Striking up a conversation with a person you are attracted to is a way to introduce yourself and to know the other person. Simple flirtatious conversations can convey a lot about your intention without being too forward. Flirting in conversation can be subtle but effective if you use your personality, sense of humor and enthusiasm to make the conversation memorable. Showing interest in the conversation is another way to flirt, asking questions about her interests and lifestyle. If the person is interested in you, she will usually notice any subtle nuances.

Dress Code

If you are trying to get a certain person's attention, dress for the occasion by looking your best and wearing something subtly provocative or stylish. Wearing something a little more fancy than usual is a way to get noticed by the person you are flirting with and to stand out from the crowd. Hair and makeup for a woman are also important, but makeup should not be overdone; use it to enhance your overall look.

Body Language

Body language is often unconscious, and it relays a lot of information about your feelings, motives and intentions to another person. Be aware of your body language when you are flirting, and make it work to your advantage by including subdued gestures. Also be aware of appearing pretentious or a show-off by keeping your body language subtle.

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