Tips on Ways to Flirt & Be Irresistible

Improve your flirting skills.Improve your flirting skills.

All budding relationships need some kind of interaction to get them jump started, and if your flirting skills are subpar, you might find it difficult to get past the introductory phase. Males and females alike will benefit from perfecting the craft of flirting, as it loosens both parties up and sends the sparks flying in the event a strong connection is discovered.

Get Caught Looking

If you happen to spot someone who catches your eye, let him know the effect he has on you. Look at him just long enough for him to notice your gaze. As soon as your eyes meet, give him a smile and turn away. Without saying a word, you just gave him a direct invitation to approach you and strike up a conversation.

Express Interest In Others

Don't be shy when it comes to asking her questions about herself. If you want to get to know her better, express it by showing an interest in her life and trying to learn more about her. This does not mean that you simply sit there and listen to her talk the whole time, but make a point to keep her talking by focusing the conversation around her. The more interested you are in her, the more interested she is in you.

Use Humor

If you are able to make him laugh consistently, your chances of winning him over increase significantly. Memorize a funny joke or two for any potential awkward pauses in conversation. Laugh when he makes an amusing comment, smile frequently and just take a light-hearted approach to the process in general. Flirting is fun, so you should enjoy yourself while doing it. If you are having a good time, he will have a good time, too.

Be Confident

The last thing you want to do when flirting with someone is make her think you are not comfortable with yourself. You want to exude confidence as you talk to her without crossing the line into arrogance. Don't brag about yourself or come across as a jerk, but let her know you are a secure person who is not afraid to go after something you want. Show her that you have a positive outlook on life and don't take yourself too seriously. Be fearless in the face of rejection; what's the worst that could happen?

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