The Top 10 Romantic Flowers

Fragrant peonies possess a simple, old-fashioned grace that promises devotion.Fragrant peonies possess a simple, old-fashioned grace that promises devotion.

What could be more romantic than a bouquet of colorful, delicate flowers presented to the one you love? Many types of flowers are available for arrangement in bouquets, but a few of these are known for evoking sentiments of love, devotion and fidelity. No matter what your taste or personality, at least one of the top 10 romantic flowers offers a perfect statement for you.


Perhaps the most emblematic symbols of femininity and romance, the rose is cited in poetry, art, film and literature. The rose symbolism is found in many ancient religions and cultures, such as Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. It has always been used as a symbol of love, strength, wisdom and the divine, according to Lilys Rose Garden. Roses come in many colors, each said to symbolize a different aspect of love and romance.


Lilies possess a quality of sweetness and fidelity that makes it a good choice for romantic expression. Long a symbol for chastity and innocence, it evokes a feeling of steadfast love and devotion over time


Gardenias, with their pure, white beauty and heady fragrance, are a favorite in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. They are an unexpected and delicate reminder of the fragility of love and the hopes for its fulfillment. In the Victorian language of love, the gardenia symbolized "secret love," according to Monrovia.


Camellias have attractive evergreen foliage and soft, rounded flowers in many shades of pink and red, as well as white. Camellias are used to symbolize admiration, longing, faithfulness and good fortune. They are often used in wedding bouquets.


Peonies are found in home gardens throughout the world and are well known as symbols of prosperity, honor and happiness in marriage. They come in a variety of colors from passionate, deep-red to innocent pale-pink and give a rich, rose-like fragrance to romantic bouquets.


Daisies symbolize gentleness and innocence and the dawning of new love. They have long been used to play "he loves me, he loves me not," and a sure sign of a tentative new suitor is his offering of a bouquet of daisies to show his affection, according to Hudson Valley Weddings.


Tulips symbolize an appreciation of elegance and grace, as well as specific meanings given by the colors. White tulips speak to worthiness and forgiveness, red tulips symbolize perfect love and variegated tulips send the statement "you have beautiful eyes," according to Pro Flowers.


Orchids are rare, tropical beauties that say "you are unique." They symbolize love, wealth, beauty and refinement.


For old-fashioned sentiment and delicacy of feeling, the clusters of fragrant, pale-purple flowers of the lilac can't be surpassed. These flowers say "I treasure you in the most traditional of ways."


Iris has a special beauty that expresses admiration, passion and sympathy. They come in a variety of colors and shapes that make them perfect for arrangements of every kind.

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