The Top 10 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Women are drawn to men who are sure of themselves.Women are drawn to men who are sure of themselves.

According to a survey performed by the U.S. Census Bureau, single women in America outnumber single men. Despite the lesser availability of single men to choose from, women remain selective, drawn to distinct qualities in a man. Learn about what women find attractive most in men.

Men who like kids are attractive to women.

A study by the University of California Santa Barbara indicates that women are attracted to men who they perceive as liking children. This is particularly true with women who are looking for a long-term relationship and with it, a potential family.

Affinity for Children

Keep her laughing.

A study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference shows that women value a sense of humor in a man. CNN Health quotes Kristofor McCarty, the author of the study, as indicating that women see humorous men as being more honest and intelligent.

Sense of Humor

Show confidence.

Women like men who are sure of themselves. A nervous, uncertain guy may leave too much decision-making up to women, and that puts the burden on them to make the right decisions or risk disapproval. Nerves can also be contagious in a social setting; a man with self-confidence can put a woman at ease.


Have a positive outlook.

Optimism is not quite the same as self-confidence. Self-confidence shows as a can-do attitude. Optimism is believing that things beyond a man's control are going to work out just fine anyway. Since women can be natural worriers, the ability to offer reassurance is an attractive quality.


Make time to listen.

Women want to talk about their feelings. As a general rule, men do not. But a man who listens to a woman, who honestly pays attention and remembers what she has said, will draw a woman to him.

Ability to Listen

Dress for success with women.

Women are attracted to a well-dressed man. This doesn’t necessarily mean he has to wear a Brooks Brothers suit 24/7, but he should look put-together even when he’s wearing jeans. Dr. Jessica Ward Jones reports for Psych Central that color matters, too. A University of Rochester study showed that undergraduate women think men are sexually desirable when they wear red.


Get her nose in on the action.

Pheromones are the body’s natural chemicals that draw all living beings together on a primal level. They're actually odorless, but the psyche registers them even when the nose does not. Men can’t control their own pheromones, but they have to be clean in order for a woman to pick up on them. The Social Issues Research Centre also reports that women have more heightened sense of smell than men do, so they’re also sensitive to scents that a man splashes on after a shower.


Show off your manliness.

Women don’t like the smell of stale male sweat. It tends to carry heavy hints of androstenone and this is a turn-off. But they are attracted to men they perceive as having high levels of testosterone, and they are pretty good at gauging a man's testosterone levels based on his facial features, according to research performed at the University of California Santa Barbara.The men women perceived as having more testosterone were the ones they indicated a preference for.


Put her first.

Women feel a little flutter when a man opens a door for them or pulls out a chair for them, but even more importantly, they’re drawn to men who respect their opinions. They are also attracted to men who show respect for others.


Show your sensual side.

When a man is focused on a woman, truly focused, it shows. It spells sex appeal. I'ts important to remember that sex begins well before the physical act. It involves romance, time spent wooing her, and small touches that aren’t necessarily a rush to the finish line. Women are attracted to men whose mannerisms promise sensuality.

Sex Appeal

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