How to Train Your Man

Is your man giving you a hard time? Are you confused about his actions because he isn't acting right? Well in this article, you will learn how to train your man to act the way you want him to.

When your man does something you don't like, don't nag him to death with your words. Clearly state in 2-3 sentences your issue. If he wants to talk about it, you've got a good man. Discuss it with him. If he doesn't you're going to have to train him.

After you've stated your issue, walk away. Most men don't think on their feet, so you shouldn't really expect a well thought out response. Give him the silent treatment for 1-2days. The whole time he will be thinking about what you said. If he doesn't call you during this time, your man does not want nor deseve you...kick him to the curb.

After you have given him the silent treatment for a day or so, call him or go to his house when it's convenient for you. Do not bring up the issue...if he asks where you have been just tell him you were busy. If he brings up the issue, just listen, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING even if he is wrong. A few nods and uh-huhs will suffice to let him know you are listening. Most men already know when they've done wrong, so if your man is bullheaded and doesn't want to admit it, guilt him by not acting in the way he would expect you to:nagging and argumentative. At the end of the conversation, wether you agree with him or not, say: I'm glad you told me how you feel. Now because I listened to you I need you to listen to me... If he tries to interrupt you, remind him of how you listened to him, but do not raise you voice at any cost!

Most likely your man will never commit his heinous act again, but if he is crazy enough to go there, repeat the steps again. This time stay silent for 2-3 days. In the end, you will find out if your man is just a bullheaded jerk that you need to let go, or if your man truly cares about you. The thing is a man will care more for a woman that is strong enough to stand firm in her beliefs. If he doesn't that he isn't the man for you.

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  • Every man is different, please assess whether your man is a good candidate for this program. If he does not have typical male habits (poor listening skills, fear of emotional conversations) he may not be a good candidate.
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