How to Treat a Guy With Respect

Men who feel respected show more effort in relationships.Men who feel respected show more effort in relationships.

Any person in a relationship needs and wants to be treated with respect. Women often expect to be treated in a particular way; traditionally, the man pays for the first several dates, opens car doors, pulls out chairs and stands up when a woman leaves a table. However, women should treat men with respect as well, and there are distinct ways to do so. Make sure to not only expect respect from your significant other but to offer it as well. Healthy relationships are based on equality, and cultivating a relationship means respecting each other.

Step 1

Ask him for help with minimal complaints. Give him time to get something done. Just because he doesn’t jump to attention the second you ask him to do something doesn’t mean he won’t get it done within a reasonable amount of time. If a lot of time goes by, either ask him nicely again or find a different way to get the task accomplished.

Step 2

Honor his independence. You may think you have figured out the right way to do certain things, but this doesn’t mean that your man agrees or even that your particular ways would work for him. Avoid being overbearing and controlling and instead show your man that you trust his judgment and respect his way of doing things.

Step 3

Respect his alone time. While he may love having you along most of the time, he’ll also probably want some time to bond with his male friends and just blow off steam. Instead of bothering him to spend more time with you, take this opportunity to spend time with your own friends as well.

Step 4

Show interest in the things he’s interested in. You don’t need to fully adopt a new hobby or interest if you don’t genuinely love it, but you can ask him about his favorite sports team or hobby and show him that you’re listening as he talks to you about it.

Step 5

Remain calm during disagreements and arguments. Instead of yelling and being insulting, calmly explain why you’re upset. You may not be able to solve the problem right away, but you can approach it in a dignified manner instead of saying things that you’ll later regret.

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