The True Signs of a Good Relationship

A good relationship is characterized by mutual love and respect.A good relationship is characterized by mutual love and respect.

Most people recognize the signs of a bad relationship, such as bitter fighting, physical or emotional abuse, disrespectful behavior or inequality between partners. The true signs of a good relationship are not always as obvious and sometimes go unnoticed. Pay careful attention to the way in which you interact with your partner to determine whether you have a strong, healthy relationship.


People in healthy relationships have high self-esteem. A good relationship makes you feel good about yourself, because your partner provides you with love and support. If you feel unhappy or negative about your appearance or self-worth, it could be a sign that your relationship is bad. Although strong self-esteem characterizes a healthy relationship, it is important that you not draw your self-worth solely from your relationship. If you feel good about yourself only because you are in a relationship or because you are dating someone attractive or wealthy, your relationship may be unhealthy.


A true sign of a good relationship is mutual respect. Both partners must respect one another to make a relationship work. Respecting your partner's opinions, intelligence and abilities makes her feel like a valued person. Mutual respect also extends to your personal information. If your partner does not want to share a deeply personal detail about her life, respect her right to personal privacy. Respect also extends to the realm of sexual intimacy. If your partner forces you to do something with which you are uncomfortable, she is being disrespectful of your needs and preferences.


Partners in a good relationship communicate easily with one another. They share details of their daily lives to strengthen their emotional bond. Having good communication in your relationship does not mean that you should never fight. Even couples in healthy relationships fight with one another. However, healthy couples fight fairly without making negative personal comments or bringing up past mistakes. If your partner fights unfairly, it can be a sign of deeper relationship problems.

Security and Trust

You must trust your partner for a relationship to work. If your partner questions you about where you were or checks your phone or email for personal information, he is demonstrating a lack of trust in you. Partners in a healthy, trusting relationship have interests outside one another and maintain relationships with their family or friends. Doing every activity with your partner may be a sign that you lack security or trust in your relationship.


To be a successful relationship, you must share equal rights and responsibilities with your partner. One person may make more money or enjoy more career success, but these factors should not jeopardize your equal bond. If your partner makes all of the decisions or asks you to pay for everything, she is not being your equal partner. There must be compromise, fairness and equal treatment in a relationship for it to be healthy.

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