True Signs That a Guy Likes You

A guy who likes you takes interest in your activities.A guy who likes you takes interest in your activities.

He flirts. He texts you. He even offered his extra concert ticket to you. But does he really like you? The guessing games of dating drive all single people a little nuts. Men and women are wired differently when it comes to romance and that makes figuring out the opposite sex seem impossible. Sometimes just coming out and asking a guy if he likes you is the only way to know for sure. Guys typically like a challenge, however, so before you bare your soul, notice if he's giving off any of the true signs that he likes you.

He Makes Time for You

A guy who likes a girl finds ways to spend time with her. He invites you out with his friends and asks what you're doing on the weekend. If you are active in a hobby or participate in a sport, he takes interest in that activity as well. He uses any excuse to be where you are.

He Stays in Touch

Modern communication gives a guy multiple ways to reach out to you. If he likes you, he stays in touch. How frequently he contacts you is determined by his personality. A more anxious guy might text you several times a day while a more laid-back fellow may send you a message once a week. Regardless, if you're not hearing from a guy, he's probably not interested.

He Pays Attention

Let's face it, not all guys are the best communicators. They usually do better bonding over sports than a cup of coffee. However, if a guy really likes you, he listens carefully to what you say. If he shows up at your next outing with a bag of your favorite candy or a CD of your most-loved band, he just might like you.

His Body Language Gives It Away

Lillian Glass, PhD, author of "Toxic Men," believes that if a man turns his body away from you in conversation, he's not interested. When a guy wants to know you better, he engages with you however he can. He leans toward you, acts nervous and touches you any chance he gets.

He's Jealous

Notice if a guy is jealous of the other men in your life for a surefire sign he likes you. If he asks a lot of questions about your other guy friends and whether you like any of them, he may want more than just friendship with you. Just make sure he's not crazy with jealousy; otherwise a normal amount of concern your heart might be taken by another is a good sign.

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