How to Know If He Truly Loves You

Know If He Truly Loves YouKnow If He Truly Loves You

Men usually don't show their feelings as easily as women do, so it may be hard to tell if he really love you or not. Often their actions speak louder then words, and that is the way you can tell his true feelings.

Sometimes we all need a little reassurance about something especially someone we are dating. Deep down we wonder if they are the one or not. Here are some signs he is into you, really into you!

When he acts interested in what you have going on for the day. Taking interest in your daily life is a sign he cares about your well being.

Makes plans to spend time with you often. Including you in his life is a big step.

When he brings you around his friends and family. Most guys won't bring just anyone around those who will grill him later about you.

He gives you the attention you deserve.

When you are sick he calls to check on you often and even asks you what you need.

He doesn't try and change you, rather excepts you for who you are.

Remembers your birthday, anniversary, and any other important dates. Well not always, some men have bad memories.

You wake up and hes staring at you.

His behavior changes when you come around, perhaps he gets calmer, happier, smiles more, etc.

He remembers conversations with you, even little details.

His body language changes when you are around. For instance he is affectionate with you, turns into you, gently touches you cheek, hair, thigh, etc.

He asks you how your day was.

He can just lay there with you instead of trying to get into your pants.

He calls you often for silly things just to hear your voice.

Talks about plans well into the future with you.

You parents like him, or not!

Calls you in the mid morning after a night out with the boys, for no reason at all.

He is willing to miss his favorite sports team playing, to spend time with you.

When he is there for you in your worst moment.

He talks about his life with you.

When he cares about how he looks for you.

He calls you cute little pet names.

He genuinely care about you and your feelings.

He straight out tells you... sober!

He says he can't imagine not being with you.

When he would rather stay in with you over going out with the boys.

After he kisses you he gives you a gentle kiss on your forehead.

He looks into your eyes when you two are talking or kissing.

He brings you flowers, just because.

His actions do the talking for him.

When he kisses you out in public without looking around first.

He can't fall asleep unless you are beside him.

He wants to come over to be with you for no reason at all.

He leaves the toilet seat down so you don't fall in.

He brings you little gifts just because.

If it sounds funny to even question it because you totally know he does!

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