How to Turn Women On

An overhead view of a happy couple lounging on a bed.An overhead view of a happy couple lounging on a bed.

Men and women have very different sexual styles. Men tend to focus on physical arousal while women prefer emotion first. This is one reason it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to please your partner. However, as long as you pay attention to and respect these differences, you will be able to easily arouse the woman in your life.

Getting Emotional

There is much more to turning a woman on than just arousing her physically. In fact, recent research indicates that a woman might unconsciously ignore signs of physical arousal if her psychological needs aren’t met. Those needs include feelings of comfort and security. If you really want a woman to react to you physically, make sure she knows she can trust you and that you’re ready to take care of her emotionally. Make her laugh and help her relax. The more comfortable she is with you, the more aroused she will be able to get.

Romance In Advance

For many women, arousal isn't something that happens only in sexual situations. It's something that builds up over time. This is why you can build her desire by giving her attention and affection without expecting immediate sex in return. Talk to her and really listen to her. It's also important to touch her affectionately during non-sexual situations. Rub her shoulders, hug her, or touch her cheek and leave it at that. These little things will build her desire throughout the day and make her more easily turned on when you do initiate sex.

It's in His Kiss

When you do start to initiate sex, take your time. Kissing is one of the most intimate acts humans can engage in. For women it is an essential part of foreplay and shouldn't be rushed. Men tend to prefer wet kisses with lots of tongue. However, if you really want to arouse the woman in your life, slow down. Begin with soft, gentle kisses. When she starts to react by moving in closer or kissing you back passionately, then move on to wetter kisses. If you continue to move back and forth between your kissing style and hers, you have a better chance of turning her on.

The Erogenous Zones

Foreplay is an essential part of arousal for a woman. In addition to kissing, you can please a woman by paying attention to her erogenous zones. Her scalp and neck, for example, are filled with sensitive nerve endings. If you run your fingers through her hair or massage her neck during foreplay, it's easier for her to respond. Don't forget that her mind can also be an erogenous zone. Talking to a woman during foreplay, asking her what she likes and how you can please her will stimulate her arousal.

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