Types to Avoid When Dating

Dating someone who is already married is always a bad idea.Dating someone who is already married is always a bad idea.

Dating can be challenging and downright discouraging. Even when both potential dating partners are sincere in wanting to meet someone new, things often don't work out. The odds become even worse when one party is dishonest, immature or makes a poor dating prospect for other reasons. Although it is impossible to avoid every dating misstep, watching for major red flags can save you a lot of heartache.

Forbidden Fruit

Knowingly dating a married man or woman is asking for trouble. You will spend most holidays and special occasions alone. Even if someone doesn't admit to being married, there are often several telltale signs that should serve as red flags. If he never gives you his home phone number or refuses to spend the night with you, it's probably because he has a wife at home, Ask Dr. Tracy states. Even single people who are too close to their exes are bad prospects. They may be hoping for a reunion or a continued sexual relationship, according to Match.com "Happen."

Anxious and Possessive

Many single women have their perfect lives all mapped out -- marriage, home with white picket fence, children and oh yes, Mr. Right. Women whose biological clocks are sounding the alarm size up every date as a potential husband, putting undue pressure on a relationship before it can begin. On the other hand, many men are jealous and possessive. Possessiveness can lead to an attempt to control their dating partners, or even to stalking, according to Match.com "Happen."

Players and Party People

Male and female players alike are smooth and often very sexy. They dress well and always know how to show you a good time. However, you will be only one of a swarm of admirers competing for attention. So-called serial flirts consider anyone within reach to be fair game, according to eHarmony Advice. Getting involved with someone who has a wild streak can be fun and sexually exciting, but often leads to scrapes with the law, Ask Dr. Tracy states.

Other Bad Prospects

Substance abusers, people with untreated mental health problems, men who are tied to their mothers' apron strings or women who expect to be indulged with expensive meals and big-ticket gifts are also bad dating prospects. Other types to avoid include workaholics who can't squeeze you in for six weeks or noncommittal types who only call at the last minute, if they call at all. Men and women who badmouth their exes and who seem bitter and angry should also definitely go on the "do not date" list.

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