Types of Flirting Signals

Types of Flirting SignalsTypes of Flirting Signals

You see someone from across the room and you're wondering if you should go over and talk to them. There are several types of flirting signals that you can look for to find out whether or not your should pursue them.


Men exhibit several common flirting signals. Is he making a point to look into your eyes or stare at you a little longer than necessary? If so, then he is probably flirting and would like to talk to you. Once you start a conversation, he will probably make jokes and compliment your looks or how you are dressed. He may also touch your hand or arm slightly while talking to you.


Women who are flirting exhibit similar behaviors. She might point her shoulders towards you and lean in. When she talks to you, she will make long, deep eye contact and laugh at your jokes. She will often say anything just to keep the conversation going. She might even twirl her fingers around her hair while she is looking at you.


If you are ready to show you are interested and flirt a little bit, you should start by approaching the other person and standing very close to them while you say hello. Look them in the eye and begin a casual conversation. Saying something humorous is a great way to flirt. If you find that you have the same sense of humor, you're headed in the right direction. Ask the other person about themselves and really listen to what they have to say. Then, later in conversation, bring up something that they have said about themselves to show that you have been listening.


Confidence is a big turn on for both males and females. If you wish to flirt, be sure to exude that confidence. It is sexy and alluring. Knowing you are someone who is worth loving and being desired shows on your face when you begin to flirt with someone of the opposite sex.


Body language plays a large part when it comes to flirting. If someone is looking at you with raised eyebrows and an intense stare, they are probably interested. Open posture is also important. If someone is standing with their body open to you and not with crossed arms and a tense face, this shows that they are open to get to know you. Women often flick their hair when they are flirting. They also tend to lick their lips and glance down and to the side after they have been caught looking at you.

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