Types of Romantic Flowers

Types of Romantic FlowersTypes of Romantic Flowers

Flowers are often given on holidays or special occasions. That unexpected bouquet or single flower is a truly romantic gesture that lets that special person know you are thinking of her, or him.


The red rose represents love and romance. It is the flower most often associated with Valentine's Day. A single red rose explains "I love you."


Carnations are a fragrant flower used for festive occasions. Red signifies love and affection, white represents good luck.


A daisy stands for purity, loyalty and honesty. A bouquet of daisies can be purchased but a fresh picked daisy is a thoughtful way to show you care.


The orchid is a fragrant flower that implies romance. With so many shades to choose from, it's easy to find an orchid that will become your favorite.


Gardenias have a sweet scent and represent love and peace. Gardenias are grown in a warm humid climate and are an excellent addition to the outside of a home.


The iris comes in blue, purple and white. The three points of the iris stand for confidence, knowledge and valor.

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