How to Understand a Narcissist

Understand a NarcissistUnderstand a Narcissist

Many people looking for a nice person end up being seduced by a narcissist. To avoid this you should understand how they operate.

Narcissism is a personality disorder. It stems from childhood abuse. When children decide that the world, and the people in it, are bad and that they are good, they have a skewed vision of life. They see the whole world as revolving around them. They see others as objects to gratify their needs. They lack compassion for others. In general they are incapable of maintaining a healthy relationship because they have to be in control all of the time.

Often, narcissists are very charming in order to seduce people into liking them. Their ability to seduce people is amazing. They appear confident and therefore exciting. They want you to fall in love and bond with them so they can finally emerge as their true selves without being abandoned.

If you keep your eyes open, you can detect a narcissist's need for control and his or her self-centeredness. If you make a mistake they will be critical and unsympathetic. They will hold you to a high standard and exhibit disdain for what they consider weakness or vulnerability.

Both men and women are narcissists. When it comes to relationships, they usually fear engulfment and they:

⋅ Fear losing their identity. ⋅ Fear dependency and avoid bonding. ⋅ Create rigid personality boundaries (won't let people in). ⋅ Are sensitive to everything that leads to bonding. ⋅ Lose interest in sex that leads to bonding. ⋅ Seduce and withhold to avoid bonding. ⋅ Minimize feelings that lead to bonding. ⋅ Get nervous when things go well or bonding occurs. ⋅ Pick fights and create uproars to avoid bonding. ⋅ Want more space or have to run. ⋅ Can't make a commitment. ⋅ Are indifferent to others. ⋅ Feel entitled to be taken care of their way. ⋅ Won't put up with discomfort. ⋅ Have complete control of the schedule. ⋅ Say to their partner "Just stay put while I come and go."

Narcissists can be big trouble. O.J. Simpson was a narcissist. He had affairs and did want he wanted until Nicole divorced him and then he went nuts. While it may seem that narcissists are only men, this is not true. Many women narcissists seduce codependent men. There is really no difference between male and female narcissists. Female narcissists used to be called black widow spiders. The male narcissist is Don Juan or a Casanova. Women can also be as physically abusive as men. The most common toxic relationship is between the codependent and the narcissist. Opposites attract and nice people are vulnerable to charming narcissists. Be careful and try to see through the charm.

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