How to Understand How Women Are Attracted to Men

Understanding how women are attracted to men requires knowing what attracts women to men. Women pick men for different reasons, but it always come back to a few things that make a woman fall in love. Read on to learn how to understand how women are attracted to men.

Understanding why a woman is attracted to man requires looking at the man from the standpoint of the woman. The man may have appealing qualities that only some women can see. Women like men that are intriguing and interesting.

Attractions to men can be for their money. Many women want to have a husband that is successful and can make a living to provide the finer things in life. Finding a rich man takes time and women are very eager to converse with a man that has money.

Kindness is another way to attract a woman. Men that show kindness and sincerity always seem to have women around him that want to get to know him better. Kindness comes in different forms. A man that says nice things to a woman, brings her breakfast in bed or just spends time talking to a woman about her day shows kindness.

Looks are another reason woman are attracted to men. A man that stays in shape and always looks nice will attract women. Working out and good hygiene is important to a woman.

Independence is another thing that attracts a woman to a man. If a man is living at home with his parents, it is harder for a woman to see the real him. A woman likes a man who has his own place and can have visitors over night in private.

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Things You Will Need

  • An open mind


  • Never ask a woman what attracts her to you. Sometimes it might not be a good answer.


  • Women know what they want and they usually will not change their minds.

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