Understanding the Games Men Play

Understanding the Games Men PlayUnderstanding the Games Men Play

Men love games. They love to compete and win prizes. They love the thrill of victory. And that's fine--as long as everyone's playing rugby. But when it comes to relationships, you could use a little help. After all, it's only sporting to keep the playing field fair. What you need is a solid understanding of the games men play. So here's a heads-up look at some of those dating and relationship games. May the best man (or woman) win!

Be wary of the Innocent Question Game. Take, for example, the innocent-sounding "Are you hungry?" It appears that a man is asking if you are, in fact, hungry. But what he is really saying is, "I'm starving and want to know when you're going to make me something to eat." So, whenever a guy asks a question, ask yourself, "What is he REALLY asking?" You'll figure it out.

Learn to recognize the signs of the Sports Game. Play begins when your man casually mentions that he likes football (or baseball or tennis or--heaven help you--curling). You nod. Your guy takes this nod as the go-ahead and invites you to his favorite sporting event. You go along for the ride. The next thing you know, your fellow has season tickets for two for football (or baseball, or tennis or--sadly--curling). And all because you nodded.

Don't be fooled by the Nothing Game. Let's say your man enters a room, acting very suspicious. You ask, "What's wrong?" He replies, "Nothing." You ask, "Are you sure?" He answers, "Sure, I'm sure. It's nothing." Be prepared to act immediately! Your man is about to keel over or leave with all of your money. Either way, it's definitely something.

Wake up and smell the Sleeping Game. You walk in and find your man on the couch, eyes closed, snoring loudly, a puddle of drool under his face. You carefully pry the remote from his fingers. You change the channel. But you won't be able to watch your program. Because your guy will be yelling in the background, "Hey! I was watching something!"

Steer clear of the S-E-X Game. It's so simple and yet so maddening. Basically, your man will take anything you say and somehow connect it to love-making. For instance, say you're in bed, with a fever of 102, coughing and sneezing. You say to your guy, "Hot tea would be so good now." Don't be surprised if your man thinks "hot tea" is a code word for something sensual. You might as well raise the white flag. There is simply no understanding this game.

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  • The rules of the games men play can change suddenly. But at least now you have a running head start.

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