Understanding Insecurity Issues for Men

An insecure man is more likely to experience jealousy and suspicion in his relationships than a confident man.An insecure man is more likely to experience jealousy and suspicion in his relationships than a confident man.

Feelings of insecurity can affect men in many aspects of their lives. Although it is nearly impossible to be completely free of doubt, a confident man is more likely than an insecure man to achieve career success, experience meaningful relationships and earn respect. Most men grow in confidence as they get older and wiser. Understanding men's insecurity issues can help you better understand a sex that is secretly vulnerable.


Men can have insecurity issues surrounding their job, career and financial success. For many men, self-worth and success are synonymous. If a man is unsuccessful in his career, he will begin to question his worth. He measures his success in salary, achievements and promotions. If a man fails in his job or loses his job, he will feel insecure. His confidence will build only when he is successful once again. These insecurities are tied to the idea that the man is the provider. Men tend to shoulder the burden of provider even if they are not the sole provider or breadwinner in the household. When he cannot provide adequately, a man naturally feels insecure.

Physicality and Sexuality

Like women, men have insecurity issues concerning their bodies, because the body is the physical representation of their sexuality. As early as the 20s, a major male insecurity issue is hair loss. Penis size is another insecurity issue for men who see their penises as the physical embodiment of their manhood. Men also worry about weight gain and muscle tone. Each insecurity issue concerning a man's body is connected to sexuality and a strong need to be desired by his partner. If a man's partner rejects him physically, this rejection may translate into strong feelings of insecurity that affect other areas of his life.


An insecure man depends on his partner for his sense of well-being and may become irrationally jealous in his relationships. This jealously is expressed as constant questioning, mistrust, altercations and the constant worry that his partner will leave him for someone else. Also, a man is more likely to develop insecurities in his relationships if he receives too little positive feedback from his partner. Men worry about their performance in relationships, and without enough positive feedback, they can develop insecurities that may cause them to look elsewhere for encouragement.


Men's insecurity issues manifest themselves in many ways. Some men become overly selfish, trying to overcome their feelings of insecurity by surrounding themselves with material possessions. They may seek approval, praise or attention from others. In extreme cases, insecure men can become destructive and violent. Men may physically, emotionally or verbally abuse those around them. Abusive behavior stems from the need to feel in control.

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