Understanding Men and Love

Understanding Men and LoveUnderstanding Men and Love

To many women, it may seem that men do not want the same things out of a romantic relationship as they do. The bottom line, though, is that every human being, no matter what gender, has a base desire to love and be loved. However, the personality traits and physical aspects that generate this emotion can vary significantly between males and females. The same can be said for the different ways in which men and women demonstrate their affection. Learning to understand and embrace these differences can enrich your relationships.

Make yourself attractive. It sounds chauvinistic, yes, but a man is wired to be drawn to a woman he finds good-looking. This does not mean you have to be a supermodel. Take some pride in your appearance: Dress up a bit, run a brush through your hair--that sort of thing. Once you catch his eye, it is your personality that might win his heart.

Be honest and share your opinions. Many women assume men want a woman who is superficial or doesn't make any waves. The opposite is more likely to be true. Most men are highly attracted to a woman with her own mind. Order what you really want at the restaurant, and if you root for an opposing sports team, let him know. These types of traits make you more interesting and challenging.

Communicate. Women tend to think they do all the communicating in a relationship, and that men simply do not listen. However, women often hint about or imply what they want, and get upset when men don't catch on. Speak in specific terms, clearly stating what you need or want. Most men will be thrilled to fulfill your desires.

Have your own life. Initially, a man involved in a new relationship with a woman might want to spend all of his free time with her. As time goes on, though, he may start to lose interest if she does not have a life separate from his that is at least somewhat exciting. Feeling as though a woman wants him but does not need him is exhilarating to many men.

Compliment him (in an honest way, of course). When a man feels good about himself when he is with a woman, his affection for her grows. Notice positive things he does, both small and large, and point them out. This is especially true if it pertains to his job, his physical strength and his body. Believe it or not, guys are self-conscious and insecure, too.

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  • It's imperative to respect a man's time with friends or on his own. Nothing douses new love faster than clinginess.


  • Do not constantly second-guess your man's love for you. If you ask him "Do you really love me?" every day, he might start to question his feelings himself.

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