How to Undress a Man

Being able to undress a man is a fun and tantalizing experience for both partners. It is a way to switch up the foreplay and make a necessary event, shedding clothes, into a sexy and pleasurably experience. If you don't believe that there's an art to undressing a man, think again. Follow these simple steps and your man will ask you to take his clothes off all of the time.

Start by taking off his shoes and socks. If you start at the bottom first it will make everything else come off much more smoothly when you undress him.

Glide your hands up his body to his shirt and take off his tie slowly, tossing it aside with a flourish once it's off. Or for extra fun take the tie and tie it around your own neck.

Unbutton his shirt slowly and deliberately kissing each inch of skin that is exposed as you slide the shirt off of his body.

Slide your hands down his chest to his pants and undo his belt, slipping it off and tossing it aside with the same flourish you did the tie and then unbutton his pants to undress him.

Slip your hands into the top of his underwear and slide his pants down slowly, kissing his body as you do.

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  • Make all of your moves slow and deliberate. When you undress the man it should be foreplay in and of itself. By the time you get his clothes off he should be warm and ready for the evening's activities.

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