Unique, Romantic Gift Ideas

Whether it is time to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or anything special, to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, a romantic gift tells your partner you think she is both special and unique. Although trying to think of a gift idea that you have not given before can be difficult, there are numerous ways to show love and affection. The best part is that the most romantic ideas often cost the least amount of money.

An Acronym

Write your significant other's name out as an acronym on a piece of paper. Think of words that best describe who she is and why you love her. For example, for the name Diana, you could use divine, infinite, amazing, never-ending love and attractive. If you are having trouble thinking of a word, feel free to use a dictionary or use several words at once to make a sentence. The idea behind this is not to show off your vocabulary, but to see how many ways you can make your lover's name reflect the true love that you feel for her. When you have written down the words or sentences for all of the letters of her name, transfer it to a poster board and decorate it by using glitter and markers.

First Date

Remember the first time that you and your significant other first met? Visualize the atmosphere and the location. If possible remember what she was wearing and everything that you did together that day. Remember the name of the movie you saw or the restaurant where you dined. Now write down everything that you remember from that day. Try to compose a play about the day that you first met. Include lines for you and your significant other as well. Although everything does not have to be exact, try to include memorable dialogue and scenes that you remember happening. On the day of your celebration, you and your significant other can then act out your play and relive the moments.

100 Reaons Why I Love You

Take out a piece of paper and write in stream-of-consciousness format all the reasons why you love your significant other. Do not stop and think, just write. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Try to create a list of 100 reasons why you love her. It is better to write in stream of consciousness first and then edit the list, because then you are writing down exactly what is on your mind.

If it helps, look at a picture of your significant other while you compose the list. Look at her eyes, smile and skin. Using these physical attributes, you will be able to branch out into more abstract thoughts. Think of every joy and happy moment you have experienced together and write down why your lover enabled you to experience these moments. Once you have composed the list, type it onto a computer and print it out. Create a cover using construction paper. Bind your list by taking a hole puncher and punch three holes along the edges of your list before you bind it together with yarn.

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