Unique Romantic Ideas for Him

Do something special to inject some romance into your relationship.Do something special to inject some romance into your relationship.

It's not always easy to think of new ideas to romance your man and let him know how much he means to you. Sometimes, you might just want to reinvigorate things or add a bit of excitement to your relationship in a slow patch. One of the surest ways to catch your man's attention is to surprise him with something totally unexpected.

Dinner in Bed

Whether you're a new or old couple, having dinner in bed can be a fun way to get more relaxed around each other or to break your usual routine with something unexpected. First of all, tidy the bedroom and clear away any clutter, put on some soft lighting or light some candles and put some fresh, crisp sheets onto the bed. Prepare a dinner that's great for sharing and easy to eat in bed -- finger food, fondue or a picnic is ideal. Great examples are crudités and dips, olives, finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers and strawberries that you can feed each other with. Make sure there will be no interruptions and turn your cell phones off. Having dinner in bed is a bit of a different way to kick back and enjoy each other for an evening. Have the massage oil on standby to treat him after dinner.


Massage is a welcome pleasure you might treat your man to from time to time, but he probably wouldn't expect you to hire a masseuse to come over and give him an all-body massage for a couple of hours. If you're confident enough, you could even order an attractive female masseuse. Not only will he feel completely relaxed afterwards, he'll probably think it's really sexy that you were brave enough to surprise him and pander to his male desires.

Road Trip

If you want to catch your man's attention and give him a day or weekend to remember, hire a car and take him on a surprise road trip. If he's a man who loves cars, hire a special car he'll love like a convertible or classic car. Plan your route in advance so you have an idea of where you're going, but make spontaneity your focus. If you see a sign for something that sounds fun, go there. This way, the day will be full of random moments that you'll look back and smile at for a long time to come. If you get tired, pull over and stop somewhere for a picnic and a nap, or check in to a hotel and make an evening of it.

Adopt a Vine

If your man likes to drink a glass of wine every now and again, adopt a wine in his name in a French vineyard. This is a gift that he can get enjoyment out of for a long time. Once the vine is adopted in his name, a plaque with his name on will go on the vine in the French vineyard, and he'll be able to check the progress of the vines online. When the time comes for the vineyard to make the wine, he'll be able to choose the name of the wine and design his own labels. Then he'll be sent some bottles of his own wine to enjoy. This is something really special and unique that you will have given him the opportunity to get involved with. If you want to make it even more romantic, adopt the vines in both your names, and it's something you can enjoy together.

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