How to Pick Up a Girl on the Bus, Subway or Train

Nearly every city in the world has some form of public transportation, be it the subway, bus or train. When you ride one of these, you're bound to interact with people you usually ignore. You've probably also seen a few great looking girls, but didn't know how to approach them. The next time you see a great looking girl, you'll actually be able to pick her up.

Make sure she's on her own and not with a group of friends or worse, a burly boyfriend. Just because she's sitting by herself, doesn't mean her friends aren't a few seats away.

Stand up and offer her a seat if the bus is crowded or let her know there's an empty seat near you. This gives you the chance to talk to her right away.

Be fast and don't stop to think too much. You never know when the girl of your dreams might be taking a short ride one block over. She might be gone before you even have time to act.

Start talking about someone on the bus, something you read in the paper or even one of those signs hanging above your head. If you can make it into a joke, you'll make her laugh and get her attention.

Act approachable! Smiling and maintaining eye contact let her know that she has nothing to be scared of and shows her that you noticed her.

Ask about her plans, why she takes the bus or where she's going. This gives you a good opening and she'll want to know more about you.

Give her your number no matter who gets off first. If you played your cards right, she'll want to know more about you and give you a call.

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  • Not everyone likes to be approached while the riding the bus or subway. She might be tired after working all day and not up for conversation.


  • Don't keep riding the same train, just hoping to see her again. Not only is it creepy and borderline stalker behavior, but you might make her feel uncomfortable.

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