How to Use Jokes to Pick up Girls

How to Use Jokes to Pick up Girls. The secret to picking up girls is to stand out from the crowd and make them feel comfortable talking to you. Good jokes satisfy these criteria. When you tell a joke, you take center stage, and when a girl laughs, she relaxes and feels as if she's known you her entire life. You can become a star with the ladies when you use jokes to break the ice.

Learn How to Tell Jokes

Step 1

Learn to put a spin on simple jokes. Short riddles work well as pick-up lines, such as, "What's the difference between...?" or "What do you call...?" jokes. Compare notes with your friends or online joke websites.

Step 2

Learn to tell extemporaneous jokes. Choose a topic related to the setting, such as, "Is this seat taken? No? Good. Because if it was, you'd be having drinks with the Invisible Man."

Step 3

Learn to tell wisecracks. These sarcastic or derogatory pot shots often get a loud "Ha!" at someone else's expense. Likely targets are scandalous celebrities, college deans or club owners.

Step 4

Practice your favorite jokes. Put together a collection of one-liners for quick intros and longer jokes for use while seated at a bar or waiting in line for a movie.

Use Jokes to Pick Up Girls

Step 1

Tease and run. Deliver a one-liner in passing, with the intention of talking to that girl again later on. Make definite eye contact that lets her know you're interested, smile when she laughs and walk away.

Step 2

Use a joke to get attention. Try something like, "Hey, have you seen God's gift to women? Well, look no further!"

Step 3

Pick a joke that will start a conversation. For example, at a club you might say to a girl, "If it were any more crowded in here, you'd be on my lap." This opens the door to mutual suggestions and invitations.

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Things You Will Need

  • A sense of humor
  • A sense of timing


  • Don't use long "story" jokes unless you have a semi-captive audience. Rude girls might walk away!
  • Using dirty jokes might backfire. You'll probably get put down by more girls than you'll pick up, but you can play the odds.
  • No joke can survive a memory lapse, so practice at home in the mirror if you want your delivery to be faultless.

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